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About Us
Finance and taxation always serve as the foundation of a country not only in its early establishment but future development as well.
Directly under the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation, China Finance and Taxation Museum is located at the foot of Wushan Mountain, not far away from the West Lake and Qiantang River. As a professional state museum, it covers an area of 4.5 acres with a floor space of 12000 square meters and features various collections of cultural relics and literature related to the history of finance and taxation. Now the museum has four exhibition halls of Chinese Folk Fortune Worship, Ancient Chinese Finance and Taxation History, Modern Chinese Finance and Taxation History and Contemporary Chinese Finance and Taxation History, and one exhibition area of Money Tree and Financiers.Apprehend history from the perspective of economy; interpret finance and taxation through the variance of culture; communicate with the ancients in a place of square inch; reveal history and improve financial quality via specific cultural relics. Bearing these in mind, China Finance and Taxation Museum is devoted to the construction of both real and virtual museums, making itself an exhibition base of history and culture of finance and taxation, an academy and research center, a finance and taxation database and a platform of education and communication both for the public and professionals.The museum staff's lifelong mission is to make the past serve the present and let history speak to future.
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